I’m Ana Paula Tenorio and my happy place is helping to make creative projects more efficient and more effective, while keeping a conceptual and aesthetic ideal. Born and raised in Ecuador, I moved to the United States in 2014 to study engineering at Purdue University. My passion for fashion and creative design is complemented by the analytical skills I’ve developed as an engineer. Whether it be conceptualizing, optimizing and executing a new brand, or streamlining a distribution process in my current role as a supply chain consultant, I have the skills needed to guide a project along its most effective path from beginning to end - without sacrificing creativity or quality.

Supply Chain Consultant - Current

In this role I worked with project managers to develop strategic supply chain models, reducing global footprints by streamlining distribution and production. I evaluated costs, services, and flexibility for global clients in the cosmetics, food, and beverage industries, while also mentoring and training new hires assigned to my projects on how to deliver results by creating the best value for customers in every phase.

Project manager and Strategist - In development

At Queertrip I worked with Jenn (Designer), Cherri (Developer), Belen (Product and brand designer) and Flo (writer) to create a platform helping queer people travel safer by providing access to a community-built database of queer-inclusive spaces around the world. My role as project manager was to keep the project on course by tracking progress and optimizing resources, while also building a marketing strategy and keeping a close eye on our product to ensure we were fulfilling
the needs of our target audience.

Founder - Creative Director

With the huge events of 2020 devastating so many, I felt moved to use my skills to do whatever I could to help those suffering most. With this as my goal I created Huacaya - a non-profit clothing brand selling hand-dyed bucket hats. At Huacaya, I oversaw all the creative, from product design to social media while also keeping a close eye on the efficiency and viability of our design, sourcing of materials, budget and logistics. 100% of our proceeds were donated to Save The Children and The Loveland Foundation.


I’m open to new opportunities. Let’s connect!

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